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Stiff, Achy, Swollen Feet?

This Is How I Relieved My Neuropathy With This Extraordinary Device

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| By Sarah Jenkins

My doctor had rested his case. He told me multiple times that he could do nothing to cure my neuropathy.

All he did was shove down my throat potentially addictive painkillers. He even said, “You should start accepting that you will have to live in constant pain.”

How could I accept that?

We’re in the 21st century, visiting Mars and using artificial intelligence, but… there’s no way to stop the burning and tingling in my feet!

So I scooted the internet, desperately looking for an extraordinary device.

And after a bit, I came across a man that seemed to have the key to my problem.

I quickly set up an appointment to meet Dr. Jonathan Fields, a distinguished authority in the field of neuropathy

foot doctor

Dr. Fields is a prominent figure in the field of neuropathy. I spent a long time reading about his achievements online.

His contributions have helped innovative diagnostic approaches and therapeutic interventions.

His website was packed with testimonials from grateful patients who thanked him for saving their lives.

I was ecstatic to meet him!

However… Our conversation took a turn I DID NOT expect.

And soon, my excitement was replaced by shivers when he started explaining the real cause of my neuropathy.

“Every day that passes, the nerves in your feet are suffocating and dying off”

massaging feet

He said, “I am going to be honest with you. As we speak, thousands of nerves in your feet suffocate and face a not-so-happy ending.

I know it sounds like a plot twist in a sci-fi movie. But it’s happening right inside your body.

Those little nerves need oxygen to function, just like we all do.

This oxygen enters the body through the lungs, goes straight to the heart, and then gets delivered around the body through the bloodstream.

But as time passes, things can get tough for your foot nerves, and it’s not fun.”

I was completely lost. Why does this happen? I needed more explanations.

He continued, “Because as we age, our body water takes a hit, which means less fluid in our bloodstream and lower blood volume.

When less blood flows around, our heart struggles to deliver enough oxygen to all the cells in our body.

pain in feet

And if you’re dealing with diabetes, things get even trickier. That excess blood sugar messes with those teeny-tiny blood vessels. It makes them narrow and slows down our circulation even more.

As a result, the nerves in your feet stop receiving enough blood that contains oxygen. So they start getting clogged and dying off…

This instead causes a burning and tingling sensation and – in the end complete numbness.

And there’s not a single pill that can stop it.”

Actually, painkillers only make things worse.

I told him that my last doctor prescribed me painkillers for my neuropathy – apparently, that’s the absolute worst thing you can do.

Why? Because these painkillers simply mask the pain without addressing the actual root cause of your nerve cell damage.

I KNEW that painkillers couldn’t make it go away. As Dr. Fields put it…

“Think of it this way: your car makes all sorts of squeaky noises because it’s running low on oil. And instead of adding oil, you crank up the volume on the radio to drown out the noise. You’re essentially ignoring the real issue at hand.

Pain and tingling sensations are warning signals from your body – messages you shouldn’t ignore before it’s too late.”

So for so long, I ignored my problem, thinking I was solving it. I was frozen on my chain in absolute terror. Not the best news, right?

ryoku foot pain reliever gif

But here’s the good part: if you’re still feeling tingling and burning, there’s hope!

Dr. Fields told me not to give up yet. I thought he tried to cheer me up. But he seemed genuinely optimistic.

“Those nerve cells in your feet can cause burning and tingling when they start to shrink.

When they finally give up the fight, they go numb.

BUT – if you still feel that burning and tingling sensation, not all is lost.

It means some of those cells are still kicking and alive.

According to the National Institute of Health:

“Peripheral nerves can REGENERATE as long as the underlying nerve cell has not been killed” *

foot pain

So I realized that as long as my feet haven’t gone 100% numb, there’s a possibility that I can save the nerve cells that remain.

And this COULD reverse my neuropathy.

But how do I start? How do I fix all those dead cells so you can finally eliminate the burning and tingling?

I asked Dr. Fields the same question. He seemed to have the answer.

It’s all about increasing blood circulation to your feet. In this way, those damaged nerves will finally get the oxygen they crave.

Luckily, there’s a new groundbreaking technology that can do EXACTLY that.

It’s called Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Technology.”

With this new technology, you can instantly restore blood circulation problems and reverse neuropathy


Dr. Fields told me that he collaborated with a U.S. startup, Ryoku. Their goal was to produce the first massager that uses NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation technology to fix the underlying source of neuropathy.

How? By sending a unique combo of targeted electric impulses deep into the feet tissue and activating blood circulation.

At the same time, it triggers all the healthy nerves in your feet and can boost the regeneration process of damaged nerve cells.

You don’t even need to leave your chair to do this!

In a short while, your nerves can repair and heal, removing the burning discomfort, swelling, and numbness.

After using Ryoku Foot Massager, I could see a huge improvement in my neuropathy

collage foot pain

The pain began to fade, and the tingling sensation slowly disappeared.

After battling this for years, I finally got some relief.

Now, I can walk around pain-free and sleep deeply through the night. No more agony waking me up.

It’s like I’ve been handed a fresh start, a new chapter.

I can finally be able to enjoy things I love!

…Without excruciating foot pain and tingling, that kept me disabled.

I’m seriously pumped to catch up on all the time I lost.

Here’s how it works

gif ryoku

Ryoku Foot Massager uses the power of EMS technology to soothe muscle tension and boost blood circulation.

What it does is massage and vibrate to prevent muscular and joint discomfort.

You can apply it to any area – thighscalvesankles, or even your feet – as NMES technology works its magic, alleviating pain.

It comes with various modes and an astounding range of speed settings. So finding the perfect combination to address any bothersome muscle group is a breeze.

Turns out I’m not the only one enjoying this! You can find thousands of 5-star reviews from people who were able to regain their mobility with it!

Ryokoo EMS-Foot-Massager-testimonials

Buy or pass?

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Fields and Ryoku for introducing me to this magical experience.

I bet that if it weren’t for Ryoku Foot Massager, my legs would be puffy as they were about to explode.

I can now spend entire days on my feet again, caring for my family with a genuine smile.

Not only has my work life improved, but my colleagues have also noticed the positive change in me. I’m thriving at work like never before!

So, take my word for it and try Ryoku Foot Massager. It’s been a game-changer for me, and I encourage you to experience the same feeling of relief and joy it brings.


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